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The Spanish Football Association will announce the new coach; The Spanish Football Association will announce the new coach
Topic Started: Jul 9 2018, 03:48 AM (24 Views)
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Conti team! Chelsea players in the World Cup will soon return, the team's summer preparations will open on July 7. Under the leadership of Conti, Fabregas, Pedro, David Louis and Morata and other stars started preparations. It is expected that Chelsea will train at the adidas superstar regenbogen training base for about ten days, then they will travel to Australia to open the season. A trip to the pre-match. Their first opponent is the Australian Perth Glory Team, which will be held on July 23. Chelsea's first round opponent in the Premier League is Huddersfield, and before that, they will also play against the Manchester City Community Shield Cup. I don't know when Chelsea's coach will be Conti, or is it the same Italian Sari? After 28 years, England once again broke into the World Cup semi-finals. According to the "Daily Mirror" report, England captain Harry Kane said in an interview recently that the heroes who won the World Cup in England in 1966 have been motivating the team. Police official statement: The number of 999 emergency alarm calls we received yesterday has made history: within 24 hours, we received 3276 emergency calls. Sunlight, alcohol and the World Cup are mixed. We appeal that if there is no emergency, please log in to the official website for an alarm.
The opponent of the England semi-final is the Croatian team. If they advance, I donít know what the fans will do. The Spanish Football Association will announce the new coach of Spain today. According to the Spanish media reports such as "Marca" and "Aspen", the most likely candidate for the Spanish national team fila disruptor sale is former Barcelona coach Enrique.
Today, the "Marca" wrote on the front page of the newspaper: Enrique will be the new head coach of Spain. At the same time, the report shows that the Spanish Football Association will sign with Enrique for two years, which means that Enrique will lead the team. The next European Cup.
Luis Enrique, 48, has coached Barcelona, ​​Celta and Rome. He coached the team to win a Champions League trophy, two La Liga titles and a World Cup. 3 King's Cups, 1 European Super Cup and a Spanish Super Cup trophy.
The Spanish Football Association will hold a meeting today to announce changes in management, and then announce new candidates.
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